Leadville 2013 Race Report
Leadville Race Report: I will try to be as eloquent as some people have been with the race report write-ups. Amazing stories out there. With that I will start with the pre-race meeting we had on PPF-H-4CFriday Afternoon.Seeing the veterans of the Phoenix Patriot Foundation and the riders associated toughing out this race with no arms, or one leg; pure will power is something that most of us Endurance athletes know all about. I cannot compare myself to these amazing veterans that not...
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Altitude Training and Fatigue

Some Athletes have come to experience a sort of fatigue when undergoing IHT or Tent base altitude training. I thought I would collaborate some info in a post to help the understanding of what is going on physiologically:



Graph-smallFirst thing to realize is that doing any kind of High Altitude training causes the body to increase the metabolism, of course when this happens your body under-goes an increase in stress meaning that you need to recover after a high altitude training session. To some...
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The Science of Altitude Training.
While there are many great informational and educational blog posts teaching us about High Altitude training I have to give props to people that hit the nail on the head, especially with the Live-Low/Train-High method. P7 Offers just that at both of our locations, Intermittent Hypoxic Training is a term used to explain this method or IHT for short. Excerpt taken from a blog (Link posted below) Written March 6, 2013 by Ben Griffin & Michael Chiovitti "This is by far the easiest form of altitude training that a coach/athlete can integrate into their own training program. It allows...
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