A great Testimonial taken from a Facebook Group Alex posted in.

Some of you know what I’ve been doing the past couple weeks in preparation for my 1/2 Leadman event in Tempe, Az on the 14th. I want to report for others to hear what Kevin Carlson and G2 High Altitude Training has been doing for me to best capitalize on my training for this race.

Kevin has been coaching me through multiple sessions 3x a week on and off the bike helping to enable my system to function as if I live or train in high altitude. Of course the benefits of which are increased red blood cell count=more O2 to the muscles=more stamina and strength and power.

The sessions take about 50 minutes and, without giving away all the secrets, “tricks”, for lack of a better word, your body into manufacturing more red blood cells to adjust to the thinner air it “believes” it’s needing to function at.

It’s really a cool concept. Because of the extremes in the O2 level I breathe and in the manner it’s done (BTW “extreme” meaning, if I wasn’t paying attention, I’d have fallen off my bike or the chair in other sessions from the dizzyingly thin air he has me breathing. 22k’ elevation in some cases. (Everest anyone?) I digress… because of the process…it triggers the production of additional cells. Simple.

The first workout I ever did following my first session I barely could complete a 55 mile “friendly” ride with some of the guys. I was really struggling at times. The session really caused heavy fatigue to my body and I didn’t know what to think of it.

This morning’s session (session 6?) was hardly the same. I didn’t have issues breathing in the thin air at all and jumped on my bike within the hour to nail down a very solid TT ride I attached the link to below. I’ve of course ridden SART dozens of times at fairly hard solo efforts already over the years, but this morning I nailed down 52 PR’s – several of those in the top 10 among thousands of riders.

That’s going to sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but I’ll tell you – if I did this workout two weeks ago, I really don’t think it would’ve had that same result. My efforts today were confusing. My legs were stretched to their max for “today” (I’m somewhat tired and off the bike since last Thursday with Kevin), but my breathing NEVER got to where I felt I was going into the red, in fact it was quite ‘relaxed’!

My perceived efforts vs. breathing are so different right now. It doesn’t matter if I’m swimming, running or riding. I can simply work harder before I’m out of breathe. Unfortunately… I can’t swim well, so I don’t have any speed results there gained, but my stamina and comfort level of breathing in the water is far improved, so that will translate to being stronger starting off on the bike out of transition after the swim. Still a gain either way.

Enough said. If you’re looking for a PR in an event, looking to do well in the event, or… just want to be your best at your own training for a period… I couldn’t recommend more just spending a few moments talking to Kevin about the system and the science behind it. I’ll leave the details to HIM! : )

Alex Suchey
Endurance Athlete: Cycling/Running/Multisport